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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mary Graziano shared Michal Madison Art


Her spirit so captivating, drawing you in
with her brown/blackish eyes
cheeks that glow ~ beaming with so much
love, hope, warming the hearts
of many she meets
a life so simple, yet perfect to her
knowing what she feels inside herself
is what really matters ~ tattered clothes
~ unimportant
a smile glowing with contentment, unaware
how others feel ~ that her life has so many
hardships, nothing to show;  joy should
not be an option
her optimism can be felt, even under
the hardest circumstances, pulling at your
heart ~ your soul
she feels  elation no matter what
spills into her life, to her, joy prevails
over any misfortunes, her ability
to be happy ~ her choice,
it’s up to her
to create a life
where ~
“her simple joy untouched by circumstances”

Poetry by Mary Graziano ©
"Joy Untouched by Circumstances"
watercolor painting by Michal Madison
Vulnerable Expressions of Raw Emotion

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life is a great big canvas; throw all your
insecurities, fears, hurts allowing all 
to spill out splashing the canvas
with your life’s puzzle pieces ~
life is a book, each chapter revealing
more of who you are ~
unlock all your self-doubts ~ release them
don’t be afraid, never hold back
let all your negatives fill the canvas
each erasing the other ~
one by one, the puzzle pieces
of your life will begin to fit
joy, hope, courage  begin to flow ~
let the colours soak in, dry
to always be a reminder
of all the uncertainties that
filled every chapter
doubts you once had
now finally conquered
you sense achievement ~
hues, now bright
your own masterpiece
brings a smile, taking away
the cloudiness that
once enveloped you ~
positives now surround you
feeling more secure in yourself
the fears, hurts, become less ~
satisfied, you put the canvas away
but within reach for days when
life needs another reminder ~

Watercolour painting and title
My wonderful friend Michal Madison ©
Vulnerable Expression of Raw Emotions

Poetry by Mary Graziano ©
Revised November 16, 2014