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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Some nights when I dream
I dream of glorious things
A world that is free from strife,
Where there is much love
From our God above,
A miraculous vision that we call Life.

But when from my dreams I awake
My heart how it breaks
Because I know it was not real,
There is so much abuse
Against children so small,
I know they just can't heal.

So much sadness abounds
For these little ones
Who have no voice and are so helpless,
Some help must come
To speak up for them,
And set them free from all duress.

It is up to us to be the ones
To raise childrens' spirits high
To loudly speak up and be listened to
And shout for all to hear,
We will tell the world that we do care,
So maybe others will take our cue.

Our world what it needs
Is to be free from such hurt
So all children, peace, will know,
Spread this message around
And the children will see,
That my dream was meant to grow.

written by Mary Graziano

This is what I spent my morning doing, writing this poem. and I want to thank Dreamcatchers, for getting me to write again after so long, For some reason today I am hurting, and am feeling very low, so writing this did help to take my mind off of myself and putting it onto the poor children out their who are being abused in so many ways..Thank You....Mary

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