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The Blog Farm

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Do you know the truth about abuse
The scars it has left behind?
The secrets, so many, left untold
Poisoned us with words that corrupted our mind.

Stole our innocence, controlled with so much fear
Made us believe we were useless and freaks,
Only good for one thing and in our minds we believed
                        In our family, eyes closed, no-one ever dared speak.

Who really knows what goes behind the walls
Who really listens, who really cares,
What they don't see, to them nothing happened
Our secrets are ours, the pain we must bear.

Our scars from abuse bled deep
Now, surrounding, invading the lives of our children,
At risk they are from the same horrid pattern
That we had been subjected and lived in.

We must fight for all the children
Around the globe, to protect and care,
Keep them safe from abuse so horrid
From their lives that were never fair.

Behind these walls that were meant to protect us
Instead they held us captive,
Trapped, we were too young to fight
But together, one voice, a chance we can give.

Written by Mary Graziano

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