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Sunday, December 2, 2012


We do not know what happened
And we truly don't understand,
We feel that you are part of
Every family in our land.

You're short sweet life has touched our hearts
So many people prayed,
You will never be forgotten
As we think of you each day.

The pain that you did suffer
To understand is not,
Of the many broken bones and bruises
Dear God, what happened when she was a tot!!!

Foster care was nothing but a nightmare
That took its toll on you,
So many years from no attention
You're foster mother, what did she do!!!

You're family mourns a precious loss
They still cry and are so very sad,
Our prayers still go out to both
Your mommy and your dad.

How is it when you were in foster care
Your weight remained the same,
But when you returned home to your parents
Your weight increased with sudden gain.

This tells us so very very much
No love for you they felt,
But love spoke to you when you were home
Your parents' hearts oh how they did melt.

The government must take a very strong stand
And explain what went so wrong,
Demanding answers, is what we all do want
Together our voices will be One and strong!!!

I know your life was short dear Samantha
And you suffered needlessly,
But now you smile from up above
You have finally been set free.

If you could tell all children
And a message to your parents send,
Of what it's like in heaven
Then their hearts would surely mend.

I write this poem for Samantha
I write for all children abused,
From the horror and pain they did suffer
Our voices we will surely use.

Together, what we want is JUSTICE
For you and all children, we care,
And as mothers we will join our hands together
With your mom, and for justice we will all say a prayer.
Samantha Martin
Born June 4, 1993
Died December 3, 2006

written by Mary Graziano
November 30, 2012

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