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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I have a wonderful friend who is one courageous lady. Patricia Mcknight.  Trish as she is called by her many friends on Facebook, is a survivor.  One who has survived horrendous abuse.  I admire her tremendously.  She is an Advocate,Author,Speaker,blogger, blogtalk radio show host for Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Talk Radio.  Here anyone can join in, also bringing in advocates, organizations and foundations, victims and survivors of abuse/violence, bullying, trafficking etc.  Sharing articles, blogs, books recovery and any other way to help victims and survivors feel they are not alone in this battle. 

Trish has entered a competition that would make her "Author of the Year" on Marsocial.

 Please follow the please follow this link and use the hashtag #marsocial and share, share, share, each share gives her points to move up in the competition.

"We all have courage, sometimes it is hidden, Patricia Mcknight had that courage." 

Trish, has done so much for so many, has written her 
memoir MY JUSTICE where as a little girl of 5 went from being a happy, joyful spirited little girl with "Dancing Blue Eyes" as I call those beautiful eyes, to one who as she entered her front door and saw a figure of a man sitting in a chair, and as he turned around, all she saw was evil, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up.  This was the beginning to the horror that little Trecia Ann was a prisoner to for so many years.  No one in her town would do anything to help her even though they knew what happened. 

Trish deserves to win this competition, for all she has done for so many, Share the link where ever you use social media as many times as you can as the contest ends in January, so we have lots of time to get Trish the points she needs to get to the top. Thank you everyone. 

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