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Friday, November 15, 2013



The children
Recoil in fear
Hearing their mother
Scream, STOP!!!
But the terror
So much pain
Is felt
The children

Peering out
From around
The corner
They see their mother
Thrown hard
To the floor,
A fist rose
With words that
Hurt, they
Cover their ears.

They open
The closet
Hiding quickly inside,
The routine they
Know all too well,
The look
They saw
In the eyes
Of the monster
Who beat her
Piercing eyes
So much hate
They could see.

Clinging tightly
To each other
Much fear do
They have
Praying to God
To keep their
Mother safe,
To protect them
To make the
Monster disappear.

Domestic Violence affects so many little children.  They grow up in this atmosphere and sometimes become abusers themselves.  We must help end the cycle of abuse that tears families apart, sends them into a spiral of emotions.  They may not be able to use their voices; they need us to help them escape the abuse.  No parent would want their child to experience abuse of any kind.  The parent themselves are afraid to leave an abuser, often because he/she has said I will kill you and the children if you ever leave.  But we can’t let them live in the torture, the fear they have everyday of their lives.  The children suffer so many emotional traumas, and it will show in their school work, they may become bullies themselves.

We need to be vigilant.   If you hear or see something that doesn't feel right
please don’t be afraid to pick up that phone and dial 911. If it is nothing, when the police go and investigate, that’s great.  But if they do go and someone is hurt, then you just may have saved a life.
Mary Graziano ©
October 5, 2013

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