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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Child Inside


I have a tiny child inside
Who so badly is wanting
To come out,
But when she feels
She has the courage
She retreats, still too afraid,
I need to try and convince her
 The numbness, 
And the fear she feels
 No longer can keep her prisoner,
Now is her chance to let it go.

The past is gone, it's time
To move forward
As I whispered and 
Called her name,
Come play with me
Let's have some fun, 
Experience laughter
Like a little child should,
All that happiness which had
Been squandered, 
Leaving you so unfulfilled.

Slowly the door from the inside
Creaks open, as she takes a peek,
Unsure, but as 
Curiosity takes over
Her green eyes brighten
To see her adult self,
Warmly, I say I love you
As she smiles, I return her gaze,
 There is so much love
Flowing between us
Tears well up inside my eyes.

Gently, I embrace her warmly
 I can feel the love 
That was amiss for too long,
She's blooming just like a flower
Finally free to see the light
 That for a time was so foreboding
How proudly she takes a stand,
Just like each petal on the flower
Happily displaying its own true self
Endearingly we come together
Never again, will we ever part.

Mary Graziano ©
May 4, 2014
Title "Child Inside"
And watercolour 
By Michal Madison
Copyright 2014
To purchase art, 10% of every sale
Is donated to ending child abuse.


Jean Marie said...

Beautiful poem. Thank you for telling me about it.

Mary Graziano said...

You're welcome Jean Marie.