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The Blog Farm

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The beauty of the Iris, so elegant,
ruffled blooms that dance in the
warm summer breeze, sending a request
for you to come close, see how intricate
each petal is, to marvel at its splendour.

Hues of purple, lavish the blooms
with abundance, petals sleeping,
soon unwrap themselves when feeling the
rays of the morning sun, spreading upward
standing tall with the other Irises.

Embracing all the warmth, feeling strong, 
its beauty again sends out an invitation 
as you become mesmerized by such
elegance, one flower can present,
by the wondrous tones nature has painted.

Sword like leaves, waving you closer
proudly showing off its green foliage,
enhancing the beauty of the dancing Iris.
Light flowing through intensifies each leaf,
the strong tubular stem proudly displaying the Iris.

So many magical shades, striking, sharing
a rainbow of colours, so beautiful, 
leaving you in awe, having you return
once again when you see the Iris dancing.
Your invitation to come back into their world.

Poetry by Mary Graziano ©
Watercolour painting “IRIS INVITATION”
by Lynn C. Tolson ©

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