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The Blog Farm

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Life is a great big canvas.
Throw all your insecurities.
Fears.  Hurts.
Allowing all to spill out. 
Splashing that canvas.
With your life’s puzzle pieces.
Life is a book. 
Each chapter revealing more. 
Of who you are.
Unlock all your self-doubts.  
Release them. Don’t be afraid. 
Never ever. Hold back.
Let all your negatives. 
Fill the canvas.
Each erasing the other.
One by one.  
The puzzle pieces of your life. 
Will begin to fit.
Joy.  Hope.  Courage.  
Begin to flow.
Let the colours soak in. 
Dry. To always be a reminder.
Of all the uncertainties. 
That once filled every chapter. 
Any doubts you had.
Now.  Finally.  Conquered!!
You sense achievement.
Hues. Now bright.
Your own masterpiece.
Bringing a smile. 
Taking away any cloudiness. 
That once enveloped you.
Positives now surround you.
Feeling more secure in yourself.
The fears. Hurts. Become less.
Satisfied.  You put the canvas away.
But.  Leave it within your reach. 
For days.  When life. 
Needs another reminder.

Prose by Mary Graziano©2014
Revised October 3, 2015       ©

Beautiful Watercolour painting & Title
My wonderful friend Michal Madison ©
Vulnerable Expression of Raw Emotions

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