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Monday, May 26, 2008



Reaching out I touch her hand
And guide her on her way,
That little girl who fought so hard
Can finally have her say.

It's not your fault, it never was
I try to make her see,
She's not alone to face her fears
She's loved and now she's free.

Free from all the sadness
That filled her heart with pain,
Free to lift her head up high
And erase the years of strain.

So hush little one, hush my sweet
And let me dry your eyes,
Come out from behind your shadow
And watch the demons die.

written by Mary G.

What is the Inner Child? It is a part of our being. It is our “Real Self.” Some psychotherapists call it the “True Self.”
The emotional and sensitive you, who you have controlled and silenced.

The frustrated, pained, neglected you, whom you have hidden away and masked, and have never acknowledged.

We all have this “Inner Child” inside of us. The “inner child” often comes to front when our childhood is ridden with scars and pain that will take years to heal.
Many of our issues often go back to our childhood and what impacted our livcs back then.
The emotional and physical part of our body and mind were hurt and deceived. Deceived into making us think that all was normal, that the behaviour was normal, whatever negative way that we reached out was normal. But now as adults we know this is not the case.

As adults, in order to heal, we must take our inner child and nurture and love that part of us that is wounded. That, is the hardest thing to do.
When we judge ourselves or think badly of ourselves, I think we are giving power to the “demon” inside us. It's like we are feeding the ferousious beast within. It is devouring our every being.

I find that I fight this beast who over-powers me, and I can't get away.
It is always waiting to pounce whenever I am most vulnerable. It plays a waiting game, waiting to take over, and as of late it wins, I lose.........

We need to ask ourselves this question, “who is in control” Is it ourselves, or the “inner child?” A lot of times I think the answer is quite clear the “inner child” is in control because we have often abandoned and abused the inner child in us by keeping her/him locked away in a dark scary place deep within ourselves. And that is where she/he stays, always fearful, afraid to come out.

She/he was not able to be set free, not able to feel loved or told that everything would be ok. She/he was not able to express her feelings and so she/he stayed hidden in fear of being found out.
Feeding our minds with negative thoughts, making us feel ashamed. Controlling our thoughts. This is not right, this is all wrong, She/he can't be let to control us This is how the “wound” in the inner child dictated to us. The woulnd festered inside us for all these years, it controlled our thinking, of how we felt about ourselves, and it just stayed in the background.....waiting......

Now it's time for us to take control, to show the inner child that it will be okay. She doesn't need to “hide behind her shadow.” That she/he can now face whatever happened to her/him so long ago. Nothing can hurt her/him anymore. That we are their for that “inner child,” we will love her/him and show her/him that she/he can't be hurt by any kind of abuse ever again.

I have not reached this part of my healing, but am working hard on it, and hopefully will beat this demon inside of me and release my “inner child” so that she has no more fears, no more tears, just happiness that she was able to survive......
written by Mary G.


Marissa Miller said...

I like that poem. I can relate.

Lynn said...

If the beast you are writing about is the same an an 'inner critic', then I had one, too. Always blaming me, everything my fault, I'm no good, I'm garbage, etc, etc...

I found out how those lies came to take up residence in my head. My parents taught them to me when I was very small. When I realized this, I got angry. Very, very angry. And I did not listen to anyone who tried to make me feel bad for being angry at my own parents. I told all of those people off in no uncertain terms. In defending myself, I defended the child inside. The people who are left in my life now are safe people who really love me. I don't feel the same way about myself, anymore. Sometimes I still perceive rejection from others when there is none, but I can't change everything overnight, I guess. :) All in all, I would say the inner critic has pretty much abandoned me. I don't miss it, either.

Now, with that out of the way, I am finally, after all these years, on to the business of trying to heal myself. It's not possible with a vicious critic onboard. Can you find out where it came from and find a way to 'give it back' to those it truly belongs to? Doing that is what has finally made it possible for me to have a chance at salvaging myself.

Spring said...

I really like that poem, it really touched me. I like the concept of taking your inner child by the hand and showing her she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. I agree totally with all you said and am at the place where I am seperating the child I was and who I am now.

Strong & determined said...

I like the poem a lot. It doesn't seem like it should be so hard for me to allow my inner child to feel things like anger, or sadness. Things I certainly deserve to feel. I liked this: "The emotional and sensitive you, who you have controlled and silenced." That is exactly what I chose to do, and now need to relearn how to be emotional and sensitive.