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Sunday, June 1, 2008



Long ago when I was young
I was not allowed to say,
How I felt inside myself
That's why it's hard today.

Still hiding in the darkness
So no-one else can see,
How I really feel inside
Can't set my feelings free.

Too hard to share with others
To let them see my tears,
I bury my feelings deep inside
And hide away my fears.

No-one can feel my sadness
No-one can see my pain,
I can't upset those close to me
What would I have to gain?

The voice inside is silent still
My tears are shed for me,
Someday I might unlock my fears
And set my feelings free.

written by Mary G.

What are feelings?

Feelings are "inner experiences of mood." Feelings can be pleasant or unpleasant. Most of our feelings fall into groups, like, happy, sad, angry, confused, or scared.

Everyone has feelings, some people have feelings that they can't control, and they let their feelings out, which is a good thing. Others have feelings that they hold within themselves and it can fester and fester then blow.

I keep my feelings inward and always have. Just like in my poem, I don't like letting anyone know how I really feel. When I was growing up at home, I never had a voice. I was never allowed to show my feelings. If I was told to do something but didn't want to, I was not allowed to voice my opinion about it, didn't matter what it was. It was always "Do as your told."

Thoughts can be used to control how we show our feelings. Often I think that by letting my feelings be known that it will upset someone. I hate upsetting people especially those close to me. I feel that if I hide my feelings, then I am in control, no-one else can control my thoughts or feelings. No-one sees me hurting inside . No-one can ask questions. That way I don't have to answer.

I find it so hard to let my feelings out and I know I have to if I want to help myself. Hopefully with help, I'll be able to express how I feel, good or bad, and then maybe I will feel better about myself.


Deb said...

What powerful words. I hope that you can and will set your feelings free. I am so touched by your blog...I added you to my links because I know I will visit you again.

Take care.

Dorothy said...

This is amazing. I'd like to send this to my partner. The poem is so filled with what many suffer quietly from today. Perhaps you would allow me to print this on my site grammology? Let me know.

Thanks so much for sharing. We have a lot to offer each other don't we?

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

kristleharrison said...

Beautiful poem! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
(And I'll be sure to keep you in the contest. ;) ) I just love Gina! She's great! :)

Kahless said...

I am so pleased that you visited me so that I could find your blog. I really understand your poem and this post. I am the same. I hadn't realised that holding in feelings is about control though; I get that.

'Tart said...

Your post is so well said.