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Sunday, September 14, 2008



Abuse is such a dirty word
It tears us apart inside,
The shame one feels wit
h guilt along
Such a roller-coaster ride.

Searing thoughts do haunt us
The pain we feel is real,
Although it happne
d long ago
In our minds the thoughts are sealed.

If we could ease the memories
If we could erase the shame,
Then maybe we can continue on
And to the abuse p
ut the blame.

But often times we blame ourselves
But we didn
't have control
They are the ones who are at fault
For our innocence they stole.

What could we do?
Where could we go?
The answers are unclear
We were just kids, so innocent
In our eyes there was much fear.

So often we shed so many tears
But hid them w
ell each day,
Then no-one could ask us what was wrong
Because then we would surly pay.

It was our little secret
That we knew we couldn't share,
And our abuse always said us
If we told, then we'd better beware.

So we were alon
e to face all this
We often just gave in,
What was the use, no-one believed
Our abuser would
always win.

I pray so hard for the kids out there
For them to speak their minds,
And not be scared to te
ll someone
Before they ran out of time.

written by Mary G


Anonymous Drifter said...

It's awful that the victims of abuse are left to blame themselves for those things over which they had no control. Leave the blame where it belongs ... with the abuser. May you find peace of mind.

Tamara said...

It is heartbreaking that as victims we have to hold all the pain inside and cannot confide in or trust anyone.

Hopefulsl said...

Well said! I too hope that the children these days will speak up before its to late for them.....
Hope you and yours are doing o.k these days? Do you have anymore vacations plans? I know that i am long over due for one :( Oh well, soon i hope. Take care o.k.....
Hugs & Blessings,
Love Stacy

Marj aka Thriver said...

Hi, Mary. Sorry I've been so MIA lately...thanks for stopping by my blog.

Would you be willing to let us run your poem in the "Poetry" section of the BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE this month? I just noticed that Blog Carnival dot com is down, but when they get back up, I'm going to extend the deadline on our Sept. carnival.

Thanks in advance. You rock! :)

Tracy said...

How true, It is so sad that after abuse to many keep it silent. I wish that these children would speak up.

Well said Mary. I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Clueless said...

Please, come check out today's post. There are things for you.