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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Things You Did.....WHY!!!

The Things You Did....WHY!!!

Who would believe the things you did?
After all, you adopted me, and everyone knew,
You wouldn't hurt your little girl
Your precious one, how they had no clue.

It was my torture, and no-one knew
No hurt could they see deep in my eyes,
Or my thumping heart that beat so fast
With silent sobs and heavy sighs.

All I wanted to feel was love
I tried so hard to be so good,
I let you do those things to me
I was wrong, how I misunderstood.

I tried to pretend that all was fine
That my life was normal for all to see,
I'd laugh and play as any child would
But the secrets were mine, they would torture me.

I wish I had died so many times
What was the use, why should I try,
To understand the things you did
The words you whispered were all a lie.

The memories live inside my head
They hurt me still and still make me cry,
Not a day goes by I don't forget
And to this day I question WHY!!!

written by Mary G.


Anonymous Drifter said...

Some why's can never be answered other than the person was just plain sick. I hope you continue to heal.

Hopefulsl said...

I agree with anonymous drifter. I just wish i could take this pain away from you. But i am sure that it is helping you out a lot by writing it down on paper? Every day is a new day, all we can do is take one day at a time....Hang in there Mary!!! You are doing a great job....
((((Hugs)))) & Blessings,

Clueless said...

(((hugs))) I love the pictures that you use. May I use some of them?

Deb said...

I hope you can continue to heal as you express yourself. Your writing is very vivid and powerful.

Tracy said...

(((Mary))) sending you many hugs.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we dont know why either and we were also adopted

Tracy said...

please come by my blog and pick up an award i have given you. :)

Tracy said...

You are so very welcome! Hugsssss sweet Mary.