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Sunday, July 24, 2011


We don't know why
It happened, and
We truly don't understand,
We feel that
You were a part of
All families
In our Lands.

Your short sweet life
Has touched our hearts,
So many people prayed
You never will be
As we live from
Day to day.

The pain that you
Did suffer,
To understand is not
Only God knows
How a mother,
Could be so evil
And kill her only tot.

Your family mourns
A precious loss,
They are so
Very sad,
Our prayers go
Out to Grandma,
And also your Granddad.

So many tears were
Shed that day,
When they found
Your small remains,
How many children
Have to live with abuse
We cry, our pillow stains.

I know your life was short
Dear Caylee,
You suffered needlessly,
But now you smile from up above
You have finally been
Set free.

If you could tell
All children,
And a message to
Your Grandparents send,
Of what it's like
In Heaven,
Their hearts would surely mend.

I write this poem
For Caylee,
I write for all abuse
Of children who live
In horror and pain,
On the loose.

Written by: Mary Graziano

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