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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I wrote this poem because a dear dear friend has been affected by Domestic abuse and violence.  She is very special to my heart and it hurts me so much to know that she had to endure this terrible injustice to her.  She will forever bare the scars from her abusers, even now after all these years she lives in severe pain and  has many many medical problems..  

Kris I dedicate this poem to you..Love you to the moon and back ♥♥


Tear drops form upon her cheek
Her eyes are filmed with tears,
Swollen from the beatings
Crying softly, so no one hears.

Too afraid to run for safety
To live a life of peace,
She knows that he will find her
And the beatings will never cease.

She hears his pounding footsteps
She cringes deep inside,
Can't bare to look as he comes in
But there's no where she can hide.

His eyes so dark and evil
His fists were clenched so tight,
His nostrils flared insanely
Oh what gives him the right.

"Please don't hurt me," she begged of him
I'll do anything you say,
Nothing he heard would change his mind
As he cracked her head that day.

You're MINE to do as I do please
You'll NEVER be set free,
And he threw her down upon the floor
Cracked her ribs hard with his knee.

She cried so hard, but all in vain
A blow went to her head,
Blood poured out, she lost consciousness
As he threw her on the bed.

He ripped her clothing from her
She wished that she were dead,
To end the years of torment
For she knew what lay ahead.

When done he lay beside her
His stench, it made her sick,
Too afraid to make a sound or stir
The hours, how the clock did tick.

She waited as he fell asleep
To wash the grime away,
The water felt good upon her face
Dear God, please help, she prayed.

No answer came from God above
As she dried away the tears,
She knew she'd face his wrath again
It followed her through the years.

The beatings have taken a toll on her
Her body is racked in pain,
She knows that by staying with him
She will never be the same.

One day she gets the courage
To leave this man so cruel,
To get some help before she dies
GUILTY, the judge did rule.

I am not a victim anymore
I'm a SURVIVOR, is what she said,
No silence will I give them
Our voices they will dread!!!

Written by Mary Graziano
May 4, 2012


Patricia Singleton said...

For too many years, domestic abuse like this was a part of my sister's life with her ex-husband. I didn't know. Wondered but didn't ask because I thought she would tell me if it was. She didn't until many years later when she started experiencing the pain of arthritis from the beatings that she took from him when she was younger.

Domestic abuse happens too frequently around the world. As men and women, we should all respect each other, not physically and emotionally hurt each other. Listened to a radio program last night on Dreamcatchers about men who lived with Domestic Abuse. It isn't only done by men. Some abusers are women, more often than we realize.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your blog link. I hope that you will visit again. I will be back here to read more of what you write. Thanks for reaching out.

Mary said...

patricia, thank you for coming and visiting my blog, and you are so right, we need to respect one another, I will be by to visit again. take care my friend ♥