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Thursday, May 24, 2012



The windows of darkness steals her soul
Takes her to the deep abyss,
Where her cries are left unheard
Her self was his, it's what he stole.

Cold, so cold, her feelings deep
No-where to turn, weary she sits
Frightened and lonely, so scared to reach out
No faith, no hope, she sits and weeps.

My adult self I'm lost within
Powerful memories, that clench me tight,
Engulfs my mind so I don't forget
So close am I to just give in.

Oh how I cry for my self so small
Forlorn and lost, so out of reach,
Whispering gently, I tell her I'm here
I'll keep you safe, tear down your wall.

Her eyes, the window of so much hurt
Deep within, she has no trust,
blame is what she puts on her self
Shackled to the memories, with no self worth.

Her voice so silent, I listen in hope
But gone is she, my mind does scream,
DON'T go, hang on, I love you, I cried
Without you I'm scared, I just can't cope.

In a corner she sits, the darkness her sky
Nothing I say will win her trust,
She's resigned herself to the fate at hand
In herself she sees that's the way she'll die.

written by Mary Graziano 

My inner child is hurting with pain, frustrated and neglected, abused and ignores me. She is hidden from view so deeply hidden, nothing will help with her escape.

I write this and share this with you as these are my feelings, my hurt, my pain right now, trying so hard to reach that little child in me and I can't, I wrote this for all those who are also having a hard time reaching out to your inner child, just know that we are not alone♥


Patricia Singleton said...

No you are not alone. Don't give up on her or you. It is not easy to build trust between you and her. She learned not to trust because it hurt too much. It may take time. Just keep trying. You can do it. You both are worth the effort.

Mary said...

Thank you Patricia, I want to reach out to her so badly, and it makes me so sad that I can't and so scared for her...

Angela said...

I often find myself angry with the child that I was...blaming her, and so it is difficult to reach out and offer her comfort. I understand what you are going through, and only wish that I had some good advice. We just have to give ourselves time. I'm so glad to have found you! Keep writing:)

Mary said...

Thanks Angela, I will keep writing

Mary said...

Thanks Angela, I will keep writing