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Monday, June 4, 2012


I remember oh so vivid
But how, I was maybe two,
Standing in my crib that day
Frightful tears, what could I do.

I stared and stared so blankly
At the object on the wall,
Why was I afraid to look
I curled up into a ball.

But when my eyes did open wide
The object was still there,
Again the tears were spewing out
Too much, too much to bare.

A bed stood close right by my crib
But blackness is all I see,
Then there I am lying on the bed
And a man lying next to me.

There is nothing else I remember
Just that little tot so small,
Caught up in a web so tightly
With that cigar shape on the wall.

That shape! That shape!
It haunts me still, right to this very day
Why did I see it on the wall
What's the significance, my mind is frayed.

I need to help my “Inner Child”
And tell her that she is safe,
But it tears me apart to see her
My crying little waif.

My mind has blocked parts of this memory
It crushes my very soul,
I need to know what happened
It scares me it's taking its tole.

When will my inner child be safe
And fly high on an eagle's wing,
Where laughter fills her heart and soul
And her voice oh how she will sing.

This chapter is not yet over
The pieces all need to fit in,
So calmness can come to my inner child
And the bad memories will never win.

Written by Mary Graziano
May 5, 2012

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