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Friday, July 6, 2012


Can I come and 
Sit down with you
With big 
Brown eyes she cried,
I slowly sat down 
And hugged her
And hoped she 
Would confide.

I won't let 
Anyone hurt you
You are safe now, 
I will hold you tight,
Her sobs were 
Oh so heavy
Jerking with 
So much fright.

God loves you 
And will keep you safe
He has you 
In his hands,
She looked at me with 
A tear stained face
And nodded 
She understand.

She spoke with 
Only a whisper
I strained my 
Ear to hear,
I'm afraid of 
All the demons
They're close, 
They're very near.

She drew her knees 
Up to her chest
And followed 
With her eyes,
Peering in 
The distance
She shuttered 
And started to cry.

Hush little one, 
Why do you cry
She pointed 
In the distance,
Look, he's there, 
He wants me
I looked up 
To take a glance.

Please don't let 
Him touch me
It hurts 
So much inside,
I rocked her 
And said I love you
You're safe, you 
Don't need to hide.

She looked at me 
So tenderly
As the tears 
Rolled down my face,
She took her hands 
And wiped my tears
With so much 
Dignity and grace.

Come walk with me, 
Let's leave this place,
But she wouldn't 
Move an inch,
I held her close 
And stroked her hair
But all she did 
Was flinch.

Why does he do 
Those awful things
Did I do 
Something bad,
There's nothing that 
You did sweet child
She looked 
So very sad.

I won't let the 
Demons hurt you
I will be your 
Guiding light,
To protect you 
And always love you
In the darkness 
Of the night.

She looked at me 
With a sparkle
That I saw 
Within her eyes
She squeezed my hand 
So gently
And gave a 
Little sigh.

I stood up slowly 
And helped her up
She still was 
A bit afraid,
But I held her 
Tight and told her
Of the progress 
she now has made.

Finally, a smile 
Was on her face
As we walked 
Slowly out the door,
She was free to leave 
This place in peace
For the demons are gone, 
Forever more.

 Mary Graziano ©
July 6, 2012

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