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Saturday, July 14, 2012



We need to be the voices
Of children everywhere,
Alone, abandoned, with bruises
It seems like no-one cares.

Their abusers keep them silent
With threats, their bodies shake,
Feelings kept inside themselves
Their smiles, they always fake.

Words that hurt so deeply
Destroys their self-esteem,
Shame they feel inside themselves
In their minds is where they scream.

Secrets so deep and never to be told
They lived it every day,
These are the forgotten children
Let's scream out and shout and pray.

Pray that we can save them
From a life of horrendous abuse,
To set them free and guide them
It's up to us, there's no excuse.

Each day one child will die alone
From their wounds inside and out,
Scars so deep, with bodies broke
From this abuse, there is no doubt.

Remember all children everywhere
Protection is what they need,
Broken, alone and frightened
From the abusers dirty deeds.

I write these words, for all children small
And that little girl in me,
Silenced then, but not any more
I will shout out to help set them free.

Written by Mary G
June 19, 2012

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