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Monday, July 16, 2012


I wrote this poem/lyrics to be made into a song, and George Robertson who is a member of the group Healing Through Creativity which is a group for victims and survivors of abuse, was honoured to sing and do the instrumentals for me. The group also has a website by the same name and have a festival every Sept. in W. Virginia, where they show their creativity by showing their artwork on abuse, poetry, stories, songs etc. This will be played at the festival, and my friendDebbie Naylor Cox offered to make it into a video for me and I would like to thank both George and Debbie for doing this, I am honoured that they took the time for this, and now we can get more exposure about abuse.

Also my very good friend Dawna Larson also put the song onto our group Abuse Survivors and Victims United, and spent many many hours putting it into a format so we could all see it on our group page, and has shared it in other groups also. Dawna thank you also from the bottom of my heart for doing this for me I know how much time you put into it. love you all for this...I am honoured that you all took the time to do

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D-Lo said...

Way to go!!! So proud of you!! xo