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Friday, January 11, 2013


So many nights I cry alone
In silence so no-one can hear,
Fear I feel, so much hurt inside
My pillow is stained from my tears.

You shoved and pushed me hard that day
I fell down, you ran away,
No help did come, my knee did bleed
I ran home, oh what a day!!!

Alone I sit, too shy, too scared
At school I have no friends,
You sneer, you judge, you curse at me
When does the bullying end!!!

Each day I huddle by myself
Many stare, but they just walk by,
You come along, destroy my self-esteem
Silently, I sit and cry.

Why do you choose to target me
I’m someone you don’t even know,
Why are you a bully, what made you this way
No words from my lips to say NO!!!

I’m broken now, I can’t be fixed
You destroyed me for your own fun,
I want so much to die, don’t want to live
I have just nowhere to run.

Don’t you see all the harm you are doing
To a stranger, it just doesn't fit,
I am real, I breathe, I can’t take it, I’m done
Me, I cease, I no longer, exist!!!

Written by Mary Graziano
January 9, 2013©

What is a bully? One definition of a bully is a conscious, willful, deliberate, hostile and repeated behavior by one or more people, which is intended to harm others

When someone is bullied, they feel that they are nothing. The bully has taken everything away from the victim.
Children are often bullied at school. Someone may be targeted who is a loner and who the bully knows won’t say anything and the intended victim will stay silent. So they target that person, follow them verbally abuse them, then may physically attack them. The victim is scared into not saying anything because they know that the bully will hurt them even more. They begin to isolate themselves from any friends they do have, go home, stay in their rooms, and to their family, all seems well. Then, depression takes hold of them, they have nowhere to go, no one to talk to, because they are afraid. So afraid that many will end their own lives. And, the bully often gets away with it.

I have seen many bullies in schools that I have worked at. They terrorize their victims, and often times the staff finds out too late, after something hurtful has happened to the victim. Sometimes the law will be called in and sometimes the bully is taken out of the school. But that doesn't end the problem, the problem will just surface again and again. The bully feels no shame for what he/she has done, has no conscience. They feel that they have a right to be able to hurt another person. They want the power, the control. They often feel that they are “untouchable.”

Victims of bullying need help, need to be given support to open up and tell what has happened to them. Bullies need to be stopped. If we don’t stop them while they are young, they will turn out to be bullies as an adult, and the consequences can become huge.
Written by Mary Graziano©
January 9, 2013

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