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Friday, December 27, 2013


Each blanket of hope
Is made with love
For each of the
Eighty five girls 
And boys who
Wrap themselves in
Fleece so warm,
Intricate colours
So bright, bringing
Happiness that soothes
The hearts so small.

Child Help Village
A place where
Dreams of HOPE
Brings security to
Each little child,
Along with the
Blankets they
Cuddle so tight,
A glint of thanks
Will be seen in
Their eyes.

All they want
Is to be given
A second chance,
To be loved, warm
When the coldness
Of winter comes;
Hear the silent tears
Of one child
Who shivers in the night
Who when given a
Blanket of Hope
Can be warm, safe,
With no more tears.

Through the kindness
Of all who
Shared in this
Beautiful venture of Hope
Eighty-five children
Will now be warm
To snuggle in comfort
With their
Blanket of Hope
Put together by so
Many loving hands.

To all that were
Able to make
It possible to buy
The pieces of fleece
Shows the love
They feel within
Their hearts,
This is what
It is all about
This time of year
Giving to those
In need, to put
A smile on a
Little one’s face
Is the greatest
Gift of all.

Mary Graziano©

November 6, 2013
Title by Mary Elizabeth Bullock
Picture By Michal Madison

What a great success was the Blanket of Hope for the So. California Childhelp America Village that Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Blog Talk Radio fundraiser. The goal of 85 blankets was made thanks to those who contributed to this great fundraiser. Now 85 children will soon be warm and snug in their fleece blankets.

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