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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm so lucky. Dear Mary E Graziano looks into my painting and develops a poem! This painting was inspired by being in Vermont in October, when the snow storm hit before the foliage fell. She gets it!


The deep valleys with
Foliage of orange,
Directing your gaze
At the brightness
That looks like a raging
Inferno with hues
Boldly standing out
Amongst the evergreens.

Snowflakes, spiraling down,
Nature inhaling
The coldness
Of an autumn day,
Mountain peaks reaching
To the heavens,
With snow settling
Gently on top.

Grayness fills the once
Cloudless blue sky,
Blinding snow sweeps
Across the mountains,
Winds echoing down
To the valleys below
With streaks of white
Blinding the scenery.

The large evergreens
Sway, bending slightly
From the heaviness of
The new snow,
That captivates and holds
Nature prisoner
From the late autumn
Early winter snow storm.

Mary Graziano ©
January 26, 2014
Amazing artwork, title words
“From the late autumn
Early winter snow storm”
by Lynn C. Tolson

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