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Thursday, January 16, 2014


We all have dreams,
Dreams of 
Succeeding and 
Doing something 
we have 
Always wanted
To do, 
But sometimes 
We think 
That it is
Unreachable but
That is so 
Far from 
The truth.

You can make 
Your dreams 
Come true,
Dig deep inside 
Of you, 
Don’t let 
Your mind 
Tell you 
That it can’t 
Be done, 
Because it can. 

Believe in yourself
Believe in 
Your strength, 
That you 
Can achieve 
Anything you put 
Your mind to, 
Our dreams 
Are magic, 
And if respected, 
They bring a lot 
Of meaning and 
Purpose to our lives. 

Dreams guide us 
To that 
New tomorrow
To a new beginning
As we reach 
For the stars, 
And helps us 
Follow our hearts 
And do 
The things 
That we feel 
Passionate about. 

Dreams help 
Keep us 
In check 
With ourselves, 
Of who we are, 
They reveal what 
Matters most 
To us,
We don’t acknowledge 
How important
It really is,
To meet our dreams,
We often fluff it off
And wait until tomorrow.

What if tomorrow 
Never comes, 
Where will our
Dreams go then,
We need that 
Time to dream 
Feel the joy 
It brings us, 
The feelings 
Of laughter, 
The peace and
Tranquility it gives.

Reaching our dreams
Can make 
Our tomorrows 
Come true, 
Reach for,
Grab hold, 
And reach far,
Grab hold
Of your dreams,
They will come true 
When you believe 
Accept and embrace.

Mary Graziano ©
Revised, November 18, 2013

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