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The Blog Farm

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Love is a gift
From God,
His masterpiece
To share
To cherish
To fill a void
Within our hearts.

Love is compassion
Always kind,
Reaching out to
That someone who
Needs to know
You are there
When no-one cares.

Love is being
A special friend,
Giving someone
A simple hug,
To say
All will
Be okay.

Love is a treasure
To be cherished,
Like a work of art
To be admired,
A feeling so intense
If you hurt someone
It tears you apart inside.

Love is to share
To feel,
To let yourself
Be loved
By someone,
Knowing that
They truly care.

Love is looking
With your eyes,
When you know
No words ever
Need to be said,
For a look
Will say it all.

Mary Graziano ©
Edited January 16, 2014

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