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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monster in the Shadows


Alone to face the monster
Alone she sheds a tear,
She cringes in the darkness
As a shadow does appear.

Her eyes she squeezes tightly
So she doesn't see a thing
The monster's close beside her
His words oh how they sting.

Her mind goes round in circles
Her heart beats like a drum,
Pounding fast inside her
Her body feels so numb.

His hands caress her body
Inside herself she screams,
She prays for God to help her
To make this all a dream.

But the night is so long and scary
She wishes she could die
To rid her of this monster
She often questions why?

Why does he do these awful things
What gives this man the right
To take a child so innocent
To be used for his delight.

Her body feels so dirty
She just can't ease the pain,
Of what this monster did to her
The sheets her tears do stain.

Shaking from the trauma
In her mind she runs away,
Far from the emotional anguish
To a safe place where she can stay.

A mountain brook so tranquil
With no-one else around,
She listens to the waterfall
Peace is what she's found.

Then peace recedes, the present comes
To laugh at her defeat,
She just can't face another day
From this monster who won't retreat.

She feels the shame of what he did
Is she the evil one?
To let this monster have his way
But then where would she run.

She hides her shame within herself
Her self-worth will not be whole,
The guilt that he has put on her
Takes over her mind, her body, and soul.

She speaks no words, they won't come out
But the hurt can be seen in her eyes,
Someday, somehow, she'll change all that
The day when evil dies.
 Mary Graziano ©

July 16/08


Tamara said...


Very powerful poem. It is good to have you on the web again. Of course, you are the evil one and that is the thing - we had no place to go. We had no one to protect us. What the man did was wrong. You were, and still are, sweet and innocent and should have been protected and loved.

I hope that your depression is getting a bit better. I know what hell that can be.

You are in my thoughts.


Hopefulsl said...

I too am glad to see you back with us. Lovely poem, all though this is a very sad one. I can not understand why there are very sick people out there. My heart truly goes out for you, and i will pray that somehow you will be able to over come this or should i say, (( just remember that you are a wonderful person and that
God has been holding you up all this time!!!)) I know it seems hard to stay strong at times, but i myself see a very caring person that has a very big heart. You have shown that with all of your comments you have left me....
Love Stacy

Tracy said...

(((Mary))) Wonderful poem although it hurt my heart to read it. Unfortunately I also related with it. Have encouragement that there can be and will be full healing. It took me years to get to a place where i could feel, and i no longer felt shame or a need to go into that place of hiding where one feels safe. Keep the Lord close, allow him to carry you when needed, and to walk with you when you are feeling stronger.

Hugs and blessings Mary.

Anonymous Drifter said...

Your poetry is very powerful, so much emotion in them. I hope they help you heal.