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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Internalized feelings are how she coped
Too scared to say just how she felt,
She was on her own, there was no hope
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
She thought she learned what was right from wrong
But you twisted the truth and screwed with her mind,
She thought it was normal for so long
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
Oh how it haunted her for all her life
The depths of despair that ran so deep,
It hurt so much it stung like a knife
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
She would often pretend that all was good
But deep inside she knew the truth,
Of who she was and where she stood
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
You tore her down with your words so cruel
It left her helpless and so forlorn,
That her tears fell down and formed a pool
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
So much sadness is what she often felt
No angels to save her, to keep her safe,
Only pain and bruises that formed a welt
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
It should be a time for fun and laughter
Instead, you took it all away,
You were the monster who attacked her
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
Where is the fairness in all of this
How can the little ones defend themselves,
Happiness is what they do miss
It shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
written by Mary G


Anonymous Drifter said...

Indeed it shouldn't hurt to be a kid. I'm sorry you went through so much pain.

Reva said...

I am so glad you have a voice into the inner feeling of children everywhere who have been abused and neglected. I adopted 3 of these poor souls and their lives are scarred forever. Even when all has been done to try and undo the pain, the child is and will always be miserable somewhere inside. Please continue to be a voice for these children and I hope you are writing a book about your experiences and your poems. I am writing a book about some children going through sometimes similar situations and the story is based on true experiences. I might like for you to read my draft and see what you think. Maybe you can offer some advice. If you are interested send me your email address. Here's mine;
Thanks for sharing your pain and memories

Tamara said...


I am so sorry that you were hurt and still hurt. It most definitely should not hurt to be a kid!!!


Clueless said...

I am sorry that you have so much pain. But, it is nice to have you as a voice for me sometimes.