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Monday, December 1, 2008

Streaming Tears

Streaming tears upon my face
Each day when I awake,
Trying hard to show a smile
A smile that I do fake.

There is no hope is what I feel
To live a normal life,
He saw to that, I was his own
It cuts through me like a knife.

Each day was spent in so much fear
Of what my day would be,
The depths of despair was so very deep
I knew I could never be free.

I went so rigid from his touch
I closed my eyes to hide,
I could not face his eyes so cold
Inside myself I cried.

I cried for all the sad times
I cried for kids like me,
Who had to face the demons of night
That's not how it should have to be.

So many times I prayed to God
To set all children free,
But my words seemed not to be answered
I guess it was meant to be.

Why do we need to feel the wrath
Of so many years gone by?
We suffered enough when we were young
Streaming tears that just won't die.

Written by Mary G.


Tamara (TC) said...


I am so sorry that you are still in pain. I wish I could find a way to take that away from you. You are so beautiful and wonderful and deserved none of what happened to you.


jumpinginpuddles said...

we have bene missing you !!!!! I think this poem speaks volumns it certainly did for us

Mary said...

Hi Tamara: Thanks so much for the comments. Yes, it does keep following me with the flashbacks and all, But if I can keep writing, and know that I am helping someone else, then it's all worthwhile..hugsss Mary

Mary said...

Hi Jumpinginpuddles. I know I haven't posted in quite a while, just haven't been up to it, thanks for the comment about my poem..hugsss Mary

Clueless said...

I'm glad you are back to posting again. All I can say about this one is thank you and I am so sorry for your pain.

BTW, the poet in me came out for a while these past few weeks. I don't write poetry and the last one I wrote was fifteen years ago.


Take care,

Dr. Deb said...

I wish all the children could be free too. Such beautiful, emotional words.

Anonymous Drifter said...

((((( Mary ))))) I'm so sorry that you have so much pain. You didn't deserve what happened to you, nor does any other child.

Mimi said...

your poem is so beautiful...and so helps others to know your pain through the poems...

{{prayers and Hugs}}

Jess said...

Its good that you can write and get it all out though... Hope that you are doing well...

Lots of love to you and yours


Tasha827 said...

I don't know where else to post this, but we're moving JoJo's over to You can look for me Janis Mitchell and request to be added to my friends list, or you can search for "JoJo's Place" and ours is the one with the picture of JoJo. Then just request to join.

Love ya dear,

Marj aka Thriver said...

Now that I'm "feeling the feelings," I'm really feeling alot of pain too recently. Yours really comes through in this poem.

I hope safe hugs are okay. ((((((((Mary))))))))

I fear that the BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE is dying a slow death, but I'm going to try to revive it. I think your poetry would be wonderful for a submission, anytime.

I know I'm pathetic, but I'm finally trying to get caught up on some things and I put a link up to you on my sidebar. Thanks for your patience! ;)

Hopefulsl said...

Thanks for coming by to see me, greatly appreciated :) Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday!

Marie said...


With each poem you write you let go of the pain. Have you ever considered compiling your poems for publication? If you haven't you should.

Keep on writing great poems.

Marie XXXX

Mary said...

Hi Clueless: Good to see you, Glad you were able to write..Keep it up,

Dr. Deb, thank you for your kind words

Anonymous Drifter: thank you for you comments, no child deserves any kind of abuse.

Hi Marj: Thanks for the comments, I will try and get over to the blog carnival, Good to see you...

Dr. Deb said...

Just wanted to come by and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and new year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary. I spoke with you earlier today on the phone with our other friend. I promised you I would come read your poems and I have. You are very talented as our friend had said. You have been able to capture the fear and pain very eloquently. I am humbled and can truly feel your pain, which I wish I could ease even slightly for you. I send sincere hugs, we will talk more. I would love to be "there" for you. Kathy

Marie said...


I am going to give you a couple of self publishing websites that you can check out.

If you need some help getting your project underway please let me know!


Gina said...
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Mary said...

Hi Marie..Thanks so much for the websites and I will check them out, All the best to you and your family in the New Year..hugsss..Mary

Mary said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for viewing my blog and for the kind comments, Thanks for being there for me. Hugsss Mary

Dorothy said...

Mary I think your right about writing and how it helps you.

Wishing you a happy year with some way to put all this behind you..

Dorothy from grammology

Patricia Singleton said...

Mary, I don't know if you can ever put it all behind you as one of the commenters suggested but you can experience moments and eventually longer and longer periods of peace as you reach out and release the feelings though your writing. If you haven't done so already, I would suggest finding a support group of some kind that you can talk to and share your feelings as well. Al-Anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics helped me as well as counseling. It has been awhile since I have written or talked about any of my own stuff. It is ok to take breaks from dealing with the garbage too.

Erin Merryn said...

Thanks Mary! I appreciate did you find my blog?