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Monday, August 13, 2012


Sitting by the window
With a glazed look in her eyes,
Watching children playing
Their laughter makes her cry.

Wishing she was out there
To play amongst her friends,
But mommy keeps her hidden
For the bruises, they must mend.

Abuse, it shatters all children
We often don't hear them cry,
I silently let it all happen
And many times I wished I did die.

No love did I feel, it was lonely
So many children feel this too,
Can't cry, that would make it so ugly
So stay silent, that was my only cue!!

I wish I could free all the children
Who live daily with issues of abuse,
Take them far from the clutches of all monsters
Who raped them and wouldn't set them loose.

How I cry when I think back to my childhood
How forlorn and lost was I,
Still reminded of this torment
My eyes they sometimes still cry.

To think back at myself at the window
Wanting so much to go out and play,
How many more children still do this
Dear God keep them safe, I do pray.

Hush,, my sweet innocent children
God has a plan for each of you,
God's plan for me was to help others
And now His plan it has finally come true.

Just remember to trust in our Father
He is Our Saviour, our Guiding light,
Together we will take down the evil
By standing tall, we will fight for our rights.

Written by Mary Graziano
August 12, 2012

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