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The Blog Farm

Monday, December 1, 2008

Streaming Tears

Streaming tears upon my face
Each day when I awake,
Trying hard to show a smile
A smile that I do fake.

There is no hope is what I feel
To live a normal life,
He saw to that, I was his own
It cuts through me like a knife.

Each day was spent in so much fear
Of what my day would be,
The depths of despair was so very deep
I knew I could never be free.

I went so rigid from his touch
I closed my eyes to hide,
I could not face his eyes so cold
Inside myself I cried.

I cried for all the sad times
I cried for kids like me,
Who had to face the demons of night
That's not how it should have to be.

So many times I prayed to God
To set all children free,
But my words seemed not to be answered
I guess it was meant to be.

Why do we need to feel the wrath
Of so many years gone by?
We suffered enough when we were young
Streaming tears that just won't die.

Written by Mary G.