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The Blog Farm

Monday, November 9, 2009

To My Mother

I felt the loss of my childhood
In so many many ways,
I only saw your anger
Everyday it was displayed.

You were always so very busy
To see much need for me,
Away from you I was happy
I felt completely free.

And then there was the shame
Of two people touching me,
You weren't around to see it
To this you must agree!!

My shame should be yours also
You never protected me,
Or hugged me when I cried at night
It was him you sent to see.

The damage done was irreversible
I felt dirty by their touch,
Two people you did love and trust
It gave them such a rush.

You're as much to blame as they are
You never cared, you brushed me aside,
I wish I could have come to you
But I knew you'd say I lied.

I really really did love you
Even though you hurt me so,
You were the only mother I knew
But did YOU love me? I'll never know.

written by Mary Graziano