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The Blog Farm

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Like A Rose

Like a Rose

Like a rose I feel, that does not bloom
Enclosed inside the petals tight,
No air to breathe, I feel the strain
Too hard to cope, I just can't fight.

The petals fall, they can't hang on
They give in to nature, it is their foe,
My abuser, my foe, he always wins
Too small to escape, my eyes do flow.

The petals crisp from the weather cold
No chance to be saved from the new fallen snow,
My life is his, control he takes
Caught in his web, he has one goal.

The wind races on, blows away the snow
Broken pieces of petals begin to stand out,
I don't stand out, I hide my pain
Who would believe, is there any doubt?

Life is gone from the petals cracked
Breaking in pieces they're buried from view,
I feel so broken and can't be fixed
For what I feel he has no clue.

A rose rejuvenates and blooms again
With petals wide open it shows beauty inside,
I have no beauty, the damage is done
I retreat within, I just want to die!!!

written by Mary G.