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The Blog Farm

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Don’t worry how others live their lives
Or how their life should be,
Let their pieces fix themselves
That is their worry, their destiny.

The broken pieces of your life
Like a jigsaw puzzle, confused,
Trying so desperately to fix it right
Can’t think, how your mind is fused.

But we think we can repair the damage
Of another person’s life,
That we are experts to tell them
 How they should deal with strife.

Don’t even try, it’s impossible
With THEIR lives you have NO control,
Your puzzle pieces, so broken
It’s YOURSELF you need to console!!!

Take each piece and feel its shape
Each curve is your journey long,
Turn it to fit inside the puzzle piece
Bit by bit it will make you strong.

A puzzle has many pieces, crooked, curved and straight
And the only pieces you need to fix are your very own,
Each intricate piece eventually, will fall right into place
When done, smile and see just how much you’ve really grown.

Written by Mary Graziano©
February 25, 2013
Watercolour Painting, title and some words
Belong to Michal Madison