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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Through the Eyes Of A Child

What do you see 
I said to her
I see much sadness 
Of faces with tears,
The look in their eyes 
Shows so much pain
I see the terror 
Of all their fears.

What would you change, 
If ever you could
I would take away their pain 
And hold them tight
And give them hope, 
That they never had
Take away their fears 
From the darkness of night.

What do you feel 
I asked of her
I feel the presence 
Of danger close by,
The shivers of fear 
That makes them weep
I wish I could answer 
Their questions...why.

Why would you 
Take it upon yourself
To do these things, 
To set them right,
Because I know 
The pain they feel
I know of their sadness 
For which they can't fight

But how do you know 
These things I said
You were not there, 
You did not see,
In them I saw 
Myself, she said
Stuck in time, 
I can't get free.

Now that you see 
Through the eyes of a child
Can you stop the blame 
For yourself inside,
I've tried so hard 
To tell myself
The blame is not mine, 
 I needn't hide.

It's not your fault, 
I gently told her
Blame needs to be put 
On him instead,
I know you are right 
Is what she said
Dear God, I thank you 
As she bowed her head.

 Mary Graziano ©
Edited April 4, 2014
Artwork by my wonderful friend
Michal Madison ©