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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Life is a great big canvas.
Throw all your insecurities.
Fears.  Hurts.
Allowing all to spill out. 
Splashing that canvas.
With your life’s puzzle pieces.
Life is a book. 
Each chapter revealing more. 
Of who you are.
Unlock all your self-doubts.  
Release them. Don’t be afraid. 
Never ever. Hold back.
Let all your negatives. 
Fill the canvas.
Each erasing the other.
One by one.  
The puzzle pieces of your life. 
Will begin to fit.
Joy.  Hope.  Courage.  
Begin to flow.
Let the colours soak in. 
Dry. To always be a reminder.
Of all the uncertainties. 
That once filled every chapter. 
Any doubts you had.
Now.  Finally.  Conquered!!
You sense achievement.
Hues. Now bright.
Your own masterpiece.
Bringing a smile. 
Taking away any cloudiness. 
That once enveloped you.
Positives now surround you.
Feeling more secure in yourself.
The fears. Hurts. Become less.
Satisfied.  You put the canvas away.
But.  Leave it within your reach. 
For days.  When life. 
Needs another reminder.

Prose by Mary Graziano©2014
Revised October 3, 2015       ©

Beautiful Watercolour painting & Title
My wonderful friend Michal Madison ©
Vulnerable Expression of Raw Emotions

Monday, September 1, 2014


The Honourable Mary Elizabeth Bullock, a crusader for those with disabilities, fighting for their dignity, for her own dignity. This is a memoir of one courageous, “no holds barred” woman, who fought for her life as a little girl, under the clutches of a wicked monster, and is still to this day fighting for her life.

How at 6 years of age, her father tied her to a palm tree, in a snake infested swamp, why? Well that you will have to read to find out. Rising above her fate, never giving up, Mary Elizabeth embraced life, her life and all that happened. Mary released the heaviness she felt within herself, helping her to move forward, not to be defeated in any way, no matter what was thrown at her.
God for a while was left out of the equation of her life, at a time when her very being seemed so challenged ~ an incomprehensible feeling flooded her mind with that one question; Why? Why me? Mary shut her mind too God ~ Mary Elizabeth always thought God was just too busy for her and thought He had given up on her. But that was farthest from the truth ~ He never gave up on her, always there talking to her ~ reaching out to her in her darkest times, but she didn't hear Him at that moment in her life.
Upon waking one morning Mary’s heart felt lighter than it ever had. Reality did its check. Mary Elizabeth accepted what was put in front of her ~ Multiple Sclerosis ~ blindness ~ Systemic Lupus ~ cancer ~ and so much more ~ Whatever her fate ~ she now accepted it.

Mary Elizabeth knew where her vision really lived ~ not within one’s sight ~ but within one’s mind ~ and that was okay. She did not carry a Fixed Mindset ~ but a Mindset of Growth ~ to move forward in her quest to achieve what was now and beyond her very reach.
Mary Elizabeth looked for all the attributes of her father in the men she chose ~ tall dark extremely handsome ~ like out of a Danielle Steele novel ~ only to find they were the “devil in disguise” ~ she was drawn to them, as if she believed she needed to be punished for the sins of her father.
Mary Elizabeth had strength of character ~ determination to work through the demons of her past ~ courage saved her from staying stuck. She had the courage to move forward one step at a time ~ taking those “baby steps” we always tell each other.

Determined to thrive ~ Mary Elizabeth did just that ~ by hard work ~ by grabbing on to a strong will, that keeps you from failing or drowning in the deep abyss called ~ life.
Fighting for the injustice of others, never wallowing in what was, determined to move forward, proving she could do something that would give credit to all those who suffered, to support them, show them, they too could thrive and win against the horrific life they endured. Letting them know that they are not alone, she is right there beside them, guiding each survivor along the way.

There are many curves in our road towards healing. At times giving up is so much easier. Mary Elizabeth chose to take those bumps and curves and straighten them out by being positive, knowing her future was mapped out for her. God had a plan even through all the turmoil she faced, the next chapter of her life would be fulfilling ~ rewarding ~ but still hard ~ removing choices in her life, in her past, to be who she now is, strong, a fighter, a real warrior for humanity ~ for the disabilities of others, for herself, being her own person, not afraid to speak openly about anything. If something wasn't right, Mary Elizabeth would say just how it should be, her words sometimes biting, but got the point across. She once told me “I need you to put tape over my mouth, as I tend to say too much.” But no, that would not be Mary Elizabeth, that would not be her true self ~ no one was ever going to use her, take away her true self ~ that was done to her too many times ~ now she is her own unique self. A warrior for justice ~ a fighter of the monsters who hurt women ~ fiercely she went after them ~ with a vengeance!!
Now she fights the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), fighting the corruption ~ to this very day Mary is in a combat for herself where the government thinks that they are winning, hoping she will give up, but no, Mary Elizabeth will NEVER give up and no doubt knowing her she WILL win.

Mary Elizabeth says “Where are the real heroes of today? The government has changed their power from enforcing civil rights to Americans and turned it into a “circus” into abuse, illegal government practices and corruption. This changed her life forever. Determination and the will to keep going is what has kept Mary moving onward, from that little girl who once was told “ you will be nothing,” to a powerful force to be reckoned with. She rose above and like a “show and tell story” Mary was indeed someone, not a “nothing.” She tells her story like it is, true, harsh, with reality and with strength of character. This is one memoir that is a harsh ~ brutal of the life of an abused little girl that blossomed to become one of the most respected federal civil rights judges in the country.

A memoir with inspiration for others, helping them on their journey where their paths can become so narrow they don’t think the end will ever be in sight. A memoir that lets you see that you can move forward ~ you can be yourself. The horrors of your life happened, but Mary Elizabeth shares so much wisdom, that helps you rise up and say ~ “Yes, I can become a better person; ~ I can move on and not look back.”
Judging Me ~ a must read for all survivors who question what and who they are ~ where they may go in life ~ a book that gives you so much capabilities ~ a book true to yourself ~
Mary Elizabeth asked me not too long ago while we were talking on the phone, “Mary, have you ever written a poem called Grace?” I answered back no, but I can.” Mary Elizabeth, here is your poem, I hope you enjoy it. (Mary hasn't seen this poem yet). God Bless you my dear friend, I love you, and respect you.
~ Mary E. Graziano ©
Revised September 1, 2014


Grace so beautiful, self loving, contentment within oneself,
loving who we are, to be the best that we can, enriching our lives,
God’s work of art.

Grace is love, kindness, a virtue given to us by Creator Himself,
His loving gift, unconditional in every way.
Always there, never ending.

Grace is faith, both entwined; one will never work without the other.
Challenges that we meet, so hard to attain, but gives you the courage
To go on, to have faith.

Grace is that special gift given by God Himself, a spiritual freedom
that comes to us when we acknowledge the power it has,
to feel love in our heart.

Grace is courage when you otherwise feel there is no use to go on,
But the love, the drive of others wills you to continue,
to never give up.

Grace is peace, in knowing love, we know peace, the feeling of love
all around us, in nature, in the love we feel for ourselves,
For others.
GRACE ~ A BEAUTIFUL WORD that Mary Elizabeth loves.
Written by Mary Graziano ©


Why? Why? Why? Just Why?
A question so haunting, we often ask
you stole our lives, our existence,
our tears were hid behind a mask.

We would cry inside, silent tears
too afraid to make a sound,
you abused, hurt, threatened us
our thoughts, so scrambled, so tightly bound.

The whys will never be answered
we must move on and leave it behind
WE are much stronger, we are survivors
even when the whys still enter our minds.

You see, you crushed our spirits
stole our inner child so small,
children were we, we didn’t understand
you were the adult, it was your call.

We as adult survivors, no longer live
in your shadows anymore,
we now have a voice and use it
to expose you and all your gore.

My whys from the past, never to be answered
I understand, accept it now,
writing, talking about it
no longer silent, to this I do vow!!

Poetry by Mary Graziano ©
January 16, 2013
Revised September 1, 2014

Awesome watercolour painting
By my wonderful friend
Michal Madison