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The Blog Farm

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wash Away The Tears

Night after night, she lay awake
Frightened by her fears,
So many years were wasted
With thoughts that no-one hears.

The innocence of her childhood
In a blink of an eye it was gone,
Dark memories were created
It was so very wrong.

Where was her protector
To keep her safe in the night?
Her abuser she sees his shadow
Oh what a ghastly sight.

She has no smiles or laughter
Only memories that haunt her still,
Her eyes release the images
Of the shame, she's had her fill.

Nights so bad it makes her
Wish that she were dead,
So much guilt and shame she feels inside
No more tears are left to shed.

Wondering if the memories
Will ever fade away?
One day will she forgive or forget
Or is the past where she will stay?

Silently she's waiting
For the light to shine so bright,
To end the hideous memories
Crushed and out of sight.

She prays to God to take away
The past and all her fears,
To help her sleep without the pain
And wash away her tears.

written by Mary G.