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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Butterfly Angels now in Heaven
Now walk with Jesus in Peace,
This Christmas their families will struggle and mourn
Precious lives, their tears won’t cease.

Why!! Oh Why!! Did this happen
In a blink of an eye they were gone,
Their principal and teachers who tried to protect
Six stars in heaven for their glory truly shone.

Their wings like a butterfly, just emerging
But were stolen, shattered beyond belief,
A part of us inside is broken
The world is in shock with much grief.

Yes, butterfly angels in Heaven
Such wonderful, beautiful souls,
Twenty six roses to show love and support to you
Innocent children and teachers lives he stole.

I write these words for the families
To let them know so many people care,
Their innocent children, principal and teachers
Will be remembered in so many prayers.

Written by Mary Graziano
December 15, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


A butterfly e
merges deep within its cocoon
Spreading its wings, with hues so bright,
Wings flutter, beating strong, powerful and true
With a blink it is gone, gracefully takes flight.

You can emerge just like that beautiful butterfly
Let your wings expand and carry you forward,
Feel so much freedom within yourself
Shine brightly, let your voice soar and finally be heard.

Butterfly dreams bring freedom within
Releases so much pain from the horrors of abuse,
Spread your wings, soar high, become strong and free
Anguish, despair, pain, can and will be reduced.

So deserving of roses, in your garden of life
Rebuild your spirit, release it from your soul,
Recover from the past, you hold the key
Blossom and flourish that is your goal!!!


written by Mary Graziano
December 10, 2012

Some words that I used came from Patricia Mcknight, advocate, writer, survivor
Thank you Trish, you are an inspiration to me

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This is a remake of the original Shadows of the Night.  Making an impact on childhood abuse.  Don't hide away and pretend it doesn't happen.  We need to be the voices of all children who are being abused.  It is up to us..
Music and words are copyrighted.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


We do not know what happened
And we truly don't understand,
We feel that you are part of
Every family in our land.

You're short sweet life has touched our hearts
So many people prayed,
You will never be forgotten
As we think of you each day.

The pain that you did suffer
To understand is not,
Of the many broken bones and bruises
Dear God, what happened when she was a tot!!!

Foster care was nothing but a nightmare
That took its toll on you,
So many years from no attention
You're foster mother, what did she do!!!

You're family mourns a precious loss
They still cry and are so very sad,
Our prayers still go out to both
Your mommy and your dad.

How is it when you were in foster care
Your weight remained the same,
But when you returned home to your parents
Your weight increased with sudden gain.

This tells us so very very much
No love for you they felt,
But love spoke to you when you were home
Your parents' hearts oh how they did melt.

The government must take a very strong stand
And explain what went so wrong,
Demanding answers, is what we all do want
Together our voices will be One and strong!!!

I know your life was short dear Samantha
And you suffered needlessly,
But now you smile from up above
You have finally been set free.

If you could tell all children
And a message to your parents send,
Of what it's like in heaven
Then their hearts would surely mend.

I write this poem for Samantha
I write for all children abused,
From the horror and pain they did suffer
Our voices we will surely use.

Together, what we want is JUSTICE
For you and all children, we care,
And as mothers we will join our hands together
With your mom, and for justice we will all say a prayer.
Samantha Martin
Born June 4, 1993
Died December 3, 2006

written by Mary Graziano
November 30, 2012

Her big brown eyes, so much sadness that shows
Represents children abused in so many ways,
Shackled to a life that strips their soul
This is the destiny they face every day.

Protect me and all the children she says
From the monsters who come each night,
Protect us from all the anguish
There's just no way that we can fight.

So many children live this every day
Afraid, alone and so very affected,
No one to release them from the pain they feel
Or help them be free so they will be protected.

Those big brown eyes with much sadness for all
Represent all the children in the world, abused
Stripped of their lives, their dignity
Their innocence was stolen, void and misused.

We must save the innocent children of the world.
Our voices need to be heard. If you don't use your voice these
children will never be free, they will always be prisoners
to their abusers, who rape, murder, use and abuse.


Written by Mary Graziano/Artwork done by Michal Madison
November 28, 2012


Do you know the truth about abuse
The scars it has left behind?
The secrets, so many, left untold
Poisoned us with words that corrupted our mind.

Stole our innocence, controlled with so much fear
Made us believe we were useless and freaks,
Only good for one thing and in our minds we believed
                        In our family, eyes closed, no-one ever dared speak.

Who really knows what goes behind the walls
Who really listens, who really cares,
What they don't see, to them nothing happened
Our secrets are ours, the pain we must bear.

Our scars from abuse bled deep
Now, surrounding, invading the lives of our children,
At risk they are from the same horrid pattern
That we had been subjected and lived in.

We must fight for all the children
Around the globe, to protect and care,
Keep them safe from abuse so horrid
From their lives that were never fair.

Behind these walls that were meant to protect us
Instead they held us captive,
Trapped, we were too young to fight
But together, one voice, a chance we can give.

Written by Mary Graziano