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Sunday, September 30, 2012


We can be positive....if we choose to

We can be negative...if we only see the bad in everything

We can be positive...if we want joy in our lives

We can be negative...if we stay stuck in the past

We can be positive...if we move forward and not backwards

We can be negative...if that is all you hear and only listen to

We can be positive...if we see the beauty that surrounds us

We can be negative...if we only see the darkness, no light, and only sadness

     The list can go on and on.  We choose whether we want 
to be negative or positive.  Our feelings can determine what it is 
that you want to be.  Our past took all of our
 positive feelings away from us.  
It took away our self esteem, left us feeling “dead” inside
 and many of us still feel this way, but we must try 
and push those feelings away.

We must rejoice in ourselves for being alive,
 that we have made it, even though there are many scars
 that we must bear, but they are reminders
 also that we are survivors, we made it, 
and we can now move on, help others become survivors also.

I was negative for so many years, 
I lost my joy, and only saw the darkness,
 the demons of the night that hurt me.  But as I progressed, 
I realized that staying in the past
 wasn't the answer, moving forward 
and leaving the past behind,
 as hard as it was, was the only way
 that I was going to heal.  

We need to realize, that being in the past
 where all the negativity fuels our mind 
and controls our thoughts, 
is where we lose so much.  
We lose ourselves, our inner self can't heal, 
it is broken down, turned inside out, 
negativity destroys our ability 
to see the good that surrounds us.

We need to destroy the negativity that 
gets pent up inside of us, let it go, leave it behind
 as we leave the past behind, 
reach for the positive that there is in life.  
There is so much positive out there, 
that you can start learning to inhale, 
to keep your mind feeling good, 
because then you will start to feel better, 
and see things in a different light.......So, remember
Positivity = Greater Joy and Feelings

written by Mary Graziano
September 30, 2012