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The Blog Farm

Thursday, June 4, 2009



Many many years ago
When I was very young,
The darkness always frightened me
I felt so very numb.

To me you were the boogieman
Waiting for your prey,
Somehow you got me to believe
That you loved me in your own way.

How could you be the boogieman
But in the daytime be my dad,
Treat me with love and tenderness
But at night you were cold as ice.

You often said it was something
That dad's did with their little girls,
You wanted me to believe it norm
My head was in a whirl..

As a teen I knew it wasn't right
But I was too afraid to tell,
You knew that and took advantage
You put me through that hell.

Only I knew you as the boogieman
To everyone else you were my dad,
Someone who was so wonderful
But to me you made me sad.

My dreams were turned into nightmares
That haunt me to this day,
I was so afraid to sleep at night
To God oh how I prayed.

I would cringe whenever we were alone
You would pull my pubic hairs,
And make me cry and scream in pain
You laughed, you didn't care.

"No!! Please stop!!" is what I said
But you laughed and did it some more,
As an adult, I know it turned you on
My heart is what you tore.

The question why I'll never know
Because you can only sit and stare,
You're not that Boogieman anymore
But all those memories I still can't bare.

Whenever I come and visit you
Even though you are old and gray,
In your eyes I look and see the past
Oh how it haunts me to this day.

Yes, that boogieman is gone now
He can't hurt me anymore,
Only the memories I have, so daunting,
In my mind forever stored.

Mary Graziano©