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Thursday, May 22, 2014

I love the word "Mindset."  It says so much to us.  You can change your mindset, change it from fixed to growth.  But you have to want to change, you need to feel it inside of you.  Hope also is something that helps you move forward, but only if you change the mindset, and not stay in the fixed.

How many times have you thought of giving up?  Many of us have thought this way, often when we are at our lowest of lows, and we feel that we just can't go on any longer.  That, is your fixed mindset talking.  You have decided that you can't grow, move forward are "stuck."  Often as survivors of abuse, we feel this way for a long time, and fall into that rut, and it is so very hard to come out from it and move forward.  But we CAN'T give up says "Growth  mindset."  We can't give up on the hopes of a better tomorrow, the hopes of fulfilling our greatest potentials, to moving forward and surpassing what was.

You can choose that negative or fixed mindset or push on to that positive mindset and meet your challenges, and live to enjoy what you have missed.

We as survivors have met many challenges along our path of healing.  Hope gave us the chance, gave us the courage to face the past, encouraged us to move forward in our journey from the depths of despair and face our fears. That is what a survivor does, never gives up, uses a mindset of growth to achieve what they want in life.

Hope is God's unconditional love, helping us choose the right mindset.  Just like the butterfly on their long dauntless journey, they fought hard to travel the thousands of miles to reach their final destination. They used a mindset of growth knowing that they could achieve what they set out to do.  Close your eyes, envision the beautiful butterfly soaring high, exhausted, but pursuing their difficult challenges, never giving up.

Having the courage to go on, having hope, THAT gives us the will to fight, to never say ~"I CAN'T."  YES, YOU CAN!!!!  We are not called survivors for nothing.  God helped us get through the horrors of abuse.  He has a plan for each of us, some of us still not understanding what that plan is, but you will know when the time is right.  Sometimes I think that what I went through was for a reason, it was somehow meant to happen, as crazy as that sounds.  But to me if it never happened, I would not be doing what I am doing now...I would not be an independent advocate for abuse.   I would not be writing my poetry like I am.  We can look at it in a negative (fixed mindset) or in a positive (growth mindset).  The choice is yours, but I think looking at it as a positive, will help you get through your fears, get through the past that kept you trapped, and still keeps you trapped because you feel you can't get out from under it.

Hope is a miracle that gives us a reason to live.  Never ever give up, hope transcends all....As growth mindset says to fixed, "anything is possible if you believe."


Fixed mindset,- powerful
But it can be changed
In so many ways
With hard work
Don't let anyone
Stop you.

Grow, move forward
Don't be afraid,
Mindset that is fixed
Will make you feel
Unworthy, trapped
Within yourself.

Your abilities won't grow
Achieve with success,
If you keep your mind fixed
Feeling what a loser you are
Your mind will no longer think,
You're stuck tightly in that rut.

Growth mindset is
So very important,
Boosting your morale
There is so much
You can achieve,
Nothing is ever impossible.

I can't do it,
Fixed mindset does say,
Growth mindset says
There is no such word,
Anything is possible
If you truly BELIEVE~~~

Mary Graziano ©
May 22, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Child Inside


I have a tiny child inside
Who so badly is wanting
To come out,
But when she feels
She has the courage
She retreats, still too afraid,
I need to try and convince her
 The numbness, 
And the fear she feels
 No longer can keep her prisoner,
Now is her chance to let it go.

The past is gone, it's time
To move forward
As I whispered and 
Called her name,
Come play with me
Let's have some fun, 
Experience laughter
Like a little child should,
All that happiness which had
Been squandered, 
Leaving you so unfulfilled.

Slowly the door from the inside
Creaks open, as she takes a peek,
Unsure, but as 
Curiosity takes over
Her green eyes brighten
To see her adult self,
Warmly, I say I love you
As she smiles, I return her gaze,
 There is so much love
Flowing between us
Tears well up inside my eyes.

Gently, I embrace her warmly
 I can feel the love 
That was amiss for too long,
She's blooming just like a flower
Finally free to see the light
 That for a time was so foreboding
How proudly she takes a stand,
Just like each petal on the flower
Happily displaying its own true self
Endearingly we come together
Never again, will we ever part.

Mary Graziano ©
May 4, 2014
Title "Child Inside"
And watercolour 
By Michal Madison
Copyright 2014
To purchase art, 10% of every sale
Is donated to ending child abuse.