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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Michal, your words with your painting NO, have inspired me write 



I tried to scream those powerful words NO!!
But they recoiled in my voice, no sound,

As a child I was so helpless
No courage, horrendous fate I was bound.

So destitute and frightened, alone was I
It just wasn't safe to speak out or scream,
Many times how I wished with all my heart
It was not reality, but just a dream.

But it was reality, and I was caught up
In a web where I couldn't escape,
If I told, then I would be abandoned they said
But enough!! NO!! NO more rape.

My No is slowly growing strong
I found the strength one day,
To walk away and not look back
NO MORE!! is what I did say!!

Let's all join together to say NO to abuse!!
For the children, the silence must end,
And to all the adults who still are trapped in fear
All our stories, a message we will send.

written by Mary Graziano/inspired by the words of Michal Madison
November 20, 2012 Artwork done by Michal Madison

Sunday, November 18, 2012

These two beautiful artwork pieces were both done by a wonderful artist name Michal Madison.  She speaks through her artwork, as she is a survivor of both childhood abuse and Domestic Violence.  You can view her artwork, and she does sell her paintings at .  You will be amazed by her artwork.  My poems have been added to these two pieces.  The first one is taken from my video/song that was made for me.  Together we can help fight abuse of our children, we can't hide and pretend it's not there. OUR CHILDREN NEED US!!!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Living in the present
With thoughts that I can't conceal,
Images flashing in my head
My heart, it just won't heal.

Why can't I just forget the past
The visions are still real,
Every day it eats away at me
My heart, it just won't heal.

Some days it feels like yesterday
I cringe at what I feel,
I see his hand upon my self
My heart, it just won't heal.

No words are spoken of what he did
Hidden away as if concealed,
To later come back and haunt me
My heart, it just won't heal.

It makes me cry and sick inside
That part of me he did steal,
Never to be whole again
My heart, it just won't heal.

So many times I wished I died
To escape from my ordeal,
To be whole again, this I can't attain
My heart it just won't heal.

Artwork by my amazing friend
Michal Madison

Mary Graziano ©