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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm so lucky. Dear Mary E Graziano looks into my painting and develops a poem! This painting was inspired by being in Vermont in October, when the snow storm hit before the foliage fell. She gets it!


The deep valleys with
Foliage of orange,
Directing your gaze
At the brightness
That looks like a raging
Inferno with hues
Boldly standing out
Amongst the evergreens.

Snowflakes, spiraling down,
Nature inhaling
The coldness
Of an autumn day,
Mountain peaks reaching
To the heavens,
With snow settling
Gently on top.

Grayness fills the once
Cloudless blue sky,
Blinding snow sweeps
Across the mountains,
Winds echoing down
To the valleys below
With streaks of white
Blinding the scenery.

The large evergreens
Sway, bending slightly
From the heaviness of
The new snow,
That captivates and holds
Nature prisoner
From the late autumn
Early winter snow storm.

Mary Graziano ©
January 26, 2014
Amazing artwork, title words
“From the late autumn
Early winter snow storm”
by Lynn C. Tolson

Thursday, January 16, 2014


We all have dreams,
Dreams of 
Succeeding and 
Doing something 
we have 
Always wanted
To do, 
But sometimes 
We think 
That it is
Unreachable but
That is so 
Far from 
The truth.

You can make 
Your dreams 
Come true,
Dig deep inside 
Of you, 
Don’t let 
Your mind 
Tell you 
That it can’t 
Be done, 
Because it can. 

Believe in yourself
Believe in 
Your strength, 
That you 
Can achieve 
Anything you put 
Your mind to, 
Our dreams 
Are magic, 
And if respected, 
They bring a lot 
Of meaning and 
Purpose to our lives. 

Dreams guide us 
To that 
New tomorrow
To a new beginning
As we reach 
For the stars, 
And helps us 
Follow our hearts 
And do 
The things 
That we feel 
Passionate about. 

Dreams help 
Keep us 
In check 
With ourselves, 
Of who we are, 
They reveal what 
Matters most 
To us,
We don’t acknowledge 
How important
It really is,
To meet our dreams,
We often fluff it off
And wait until tomorrow.

What if tomorrow 
Never comes, 
Where will our
Dreams go then,
We need that 
Time to dream 
Feel the joy 
It brings us, 
The feelings 
Of laughter, 
The peace and
Tranquility it gives.

Reaching our dreams
Can make 
Our tomorrows 
Come true, 
Reach for,
Grab hold, 
And reach far,
Grab hold
Of your dreams,
They will come true 
When you believe 
Accept and embrace.

Mary Graziano ©
Revised, November 18, 2013

Love is a gift
From God,
His masterpiece
To share
To cherish
To fill a void
Within our hearts.

Love is compassion
Always kind,
Reaching out to
That someone who
Needs to know
You are there
When no-one cares.

Love is being
A special friend,
Giving someone
A simple hug,
To say
All will
Be okay.

Love is a treasure
To be cherished,
Like a work of art
To be admired,
A feeling so intense
If you hurt someone
It tears you apart inside.

Love is to share
To feel,
To let yourself
Be loved
By someone,
Knowing that
They truly care.

Love is looking
With your eyes,
When you know
No words ever
Need to be said,
For a look
Will say it all.

Mary Graziano ©
Edited January 16, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I dont know where to begin here.  I am suppose to be fine in my healing from my abuse, but again it has reared its ugly head.  The other day was talking with someone about how she has forgiven her mother on her death bed.  I started crying, why? Because I think I should forgive my dad?  I started feeling guilty that I should forgive him.  That I should have told him I forgave him when he was dying.  Why does this have to come into my head?  Why am I feeling guilty?  I can't let this get to me, I have come to far in my healing.  How it hits you, when you least expect it.  You think everything is going fine as you move on with your life, then something triggers you, and its not the fault of the friend I was talking with at all.  I don't blame her one bit.  It's just the way things are.  It hits you in a way that you least expect it to. I know that if you are not ready to forgive then its ok, and I have been ok with this because I am  not ready to forgive him or my mother for what they did to  me.  But now guilt seems to be hitting me right in the gut. Why? Why is it making me feel guilty?  I have not to be guilty about. I didn't do anything wrong but be a good daughter to those who chose to abuse me and not show their love to me.  But I was always there for them.  In their latter years I was there to help my mother when she was too sick to take care of herself.  I would go over and wash her, comb her hair, make sure she was comfortable, sit and talk with her.  Never once did she say I love you.  When my dad was dying I was there spending the nights for 2 weeks while he was dying because I didn't want him to be alone to die.  Why? Why would someone who was a victim of incest want to do this?  Is this a sign that I have forgiven him? To me I say no, I just cared, just something inside of me that told me to stay with him.  I just don't get it.  Last night I had a dream about him.  He was standing in front of my bed just looking at me and it give me chills, and a feeling of not being safe.  I woke up to  and looked around the bedroom and knew it was a dream, so felt some relief over that.  Now I feel like shit, now I seem to be seeing old stuff come up again, and I don't want this happening.  I am in a good place, and not going back there. I refuse to.  The past is gone so get lost past, I don't need you in my life, but you continue to piss me off by triggering me out of the blue.